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our next project is tanking

kegging equipment - CO2 tank & tubing

no, i’m not adding Nitrous Oxide injection to my car.

we’re assembling the parts to finalize our kegging/draft beer setup. since we started homebrewing, we’ve grown more and more tired of collecting, stripping, cleaning, and sanitizing bottles. read on for more info and pictures that only a homebrewer could love.

the first picture is all the supply-side equipment boxed up and together, CO2 cylider on the floor and a big length of gas supply tubing.

kegging equipment - ball-lock valveshere’s the ball-lock valves for the supply (gas) and the service (liquid) sides of the kegs.

kegging equipment - 4-way manifoldthis is a 4-way manifold to split off the supply gas to 4 different kegs.

kegging equipment - regulator and splitterthese are (on the left) the gas pressure regulator, that meters the CO2 out of the supply tank. (on the right) is an inline regulator. i think i need to re-assemble these — the splitter needs to go on the tank regulator (higher pressure) so we can tap off one high pressure line for carbonating beer, then send the other line to the subsequent regulator for serving beer at a lower pressure.

kegging equipment - cornelius kegsa motley assortment of used cornelius kegs, previously used to store the syrup that makes soda-pop as it comes out of the soda fountain. these are excellent for homebrewers, as they can have a lid that can be removed for cleaning, and can hold 5 gallons. this is a whole, or one half, of a typically sized batch of homebrew, depending upon whether your brew 5 or 10 gallons.

another recent purchase not pictured here, is a chest-freezer that we will convert into a refrigerator to hold all (or most) of these.

more pictures & information as the project progresses. we expect to have it almost complete within a week or so. exciting!

posted in minutiae by mike, on May 19, 2006

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