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stumped, again

yes, i know that most people might think i have an unhealthy obsession with an axe. it’s a handy tool, for sure.

combined with our recently acquired rotary tool (used here for sharpening), the axe provides a level of damage unmatched by most other manual tools. i put said damage to good use this weekend to work on removing another stump – this time in the backyard, nestled snugly between the deck and fence.

this presents a unique challenge in that i can’t just swing freely from any direction. however, a few hours saturday, and most of the day sunday, and we’ve gotten it down to just one monster root left, which unfortunately goes directly into our neighbor’s yard. if i can’t get through the rest of it, we may have to dismantle that section of fence and replace it after the stump is out.

i will post VS pictures (Victory over Stump) when we get it removed!

posted in house by mike, on April 24, 2006

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