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bye bye taxes, hello old commute

tax season is ovah!

so, after her tax day celebration with her former employer yesterday, carrie & i stopped by Duck Island pub before heading home. (good beer had, btw.)

and now i’m back to riding the bus or train into and out of downtown seattle for my commute. it’s weird going back. i also realize that it’s very difficult to wake up earlier so i can get the train. i’ve got to work on that.

so now our plans include brewing a beer to celebrate the demise of the tax season, and start working on the house – gangbusters. also, we should get out and about once in a while and have some fun.

and i have some ambitious plans as far as this and my other websites go. i really want to break this out so that is just about me & us & dog & cats & fish & house & etc. and have a separate URL & blog for the car, and one where i can rant about varied & sundried things relating to technology and the internet and whatever else strikes my fancy.

so stay tuned. i am most certain i will not shake up the ‘blogosphere’ with my nonsensical babbling. but maybe i can throw some context-based advertising on and make a buck or two. (yes, it will probably only be a buck or two.).

posted in minutiae by mike, on April 18, 2006

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