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taking longer than expected, don't restart!

don’t you hate when things take longer than expected?

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anyway. i’m at work on MLK day, in hopes of saving a vacation day next time i have to take some. and i have defects that could use fixin before tomorrow.

it’s raining in seattle, but somehow SEATAC didn’t get any yesterday, so that broke our record-nearing streak of continuous rainy days.

boy, am i glad we didn’t buy the house on the steep hill with the drainage issues. glad glad glad!

(did i mention that i’m glad?)

still we have some drainage issues of our own, but nothing really bad since we removed the stump.

next project relating to the house: drywalling the office. you may or may not remember our last room drywall project but hopefully we’ve learned from experience, and this one will go much faster.

the best lesson learned yet: i should pay a professional to do the mudding. well, who knows, i might be slightly better at it the 2nd time around. that’s the problem — once you realize you’re not good at something, it’s too late because you’ve already started it.

maybe then i should pay attention to the other mudding lesson learned: get a wide, wide knife, and feather really well ONCE.

posted in minutiae by mike, on January 16, 2006

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