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preparing for takeoff, again

just getting set for another week of adventure on the east coast. this time: new england! always a great place to visit in january.

err… nevermind. heh.
map depicting distance from seattle to boston
and we should get to spend a little time in boston, which i’m both looking forward to and dreading.

why dread? well we’ve already decided that after carrie gets her CPA, we’re going to look into moving back east (don’t get excited employers or parents — this won’t be for a few years). we’d want to move for various reasons; to be closer to our families, to let me finish my architecture degree, to flee this horrific nightmare called seattle …

… kidding about the last one…

… sorta.

anyway, various factors go into this, among them being my family in buffalo, carrie’s family in new hampshire, and the most likely school that i can finish my architecture degree at being in boston. there’s a catch-22, however. boston is horrifically expensive to buy a house near. and forget renting — the rental market there is so tight that no-pet policies are the norm (and 5 cats + 1 dog don’t even pass the “pets maybe” policies).

so, i don’t want to fall in love with boston all over again. maybe picking up a real estate guide while we’re there, will help convince me that it’s a great city to VISIT.

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