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merry new year!

hah! yes, the references to “trading places” never get old.

it was an exciting new years weekend for us. can you guess what this is?
a water jet snake

give up? it’s a water jet snake.

saturday, i assisted our plumber, joe (he insisted his last name was “plumber” right up until i wrote him a check) anyway, joe and i used one of these mechanical behemoths to snake our sewer main from the house to the street.

yes, sure it wasn’t any fun. but now we can actually take showers and run the washer without it backing up into the kitchen sink. this is a good thing!

so saturday night was spent doing the one thing that a young, romantic and childless couple SHOULD be doing on new years eve. you know what i mean … laundry!

new years day, after breakfast we got to work tearing down everything in the office (which will soon be drywalled). this included moving the big fish tank out to the living room.

oh, and more laundry.

monday off as an ‘observed’ holiday, not sure what we’ll be doing yet. but it’ll probably involve … laundry.

posted in minutiae by mike, on January 1, 2006

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