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bloggy-bloggy blippos!

picture of hungry-hungry hippos gamewith all the blogging companies being bought up by major media companies, i thought i’d throw my hat into the ring.

my one lonely blog is not worth 25 or 40 million dollars, but i’d entertain the idea of being acquired by an enormous company with deep pockets.

i promise that i would then write favorably about whatever product and/or service you’re foisting upon the public. even if it has nothing to do with my daily life.

also, i will put hotlinks to your website from mine, thereby increasing my street credbility and also your pagerank score with google (at least infinitesimally, in theory).

so c’mon, what’s worth on the hot open blog market?

enough to buy a shiny new automobile? (i would tastefully display your corporate logo somewhere on the vehicle other than the undercarriage)

a fast new laptop (on which i promise to put your logo as my wallpaper)


a hot cup of coffee? (maybe i could spill some burning hot coffee into people’s laps and as they wail in pain and disgust, tell them that it’s courtesy of my-daddy-warbucks?)

think about it, i’m ripe for selling out!

posted in minutiae by mike, on October 7, 2005

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