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i'm not angry anymore

one of my favorites, matchbox twenty on the ipod.

so, what’s new?

well, we’ve been busy. as you could imagine. i recently had a big software release at work, that went well. the front yard project is coming together, as you can see. and i’ve been thinking…

i work hard to have what i have. and i’ve waited for a long time to be able to afford a house. this is what i like to do, this isn’t a bad place to be doing it. so why not?

what else is new?

not much, just working, working on the house. drinking good beer occasionally. oh! discovered that diamond knot has $2 pints on tuesday nights after 6. yow!

i think that’s all i got right now. tired. know that i’m still alive, and well. and busy. oh, so busy.

posted in minutiae by mike, on June 2, 2005

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