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step back

Appear and fade away,
so far so good and I’ll tell you the story this time.
Plan too far ahead, it’s the same old thing.
Finally kicking it out this time.

Step back, step back just suppose you’re where you’re supposed to be now.
Step back, step down off that pedestal and maybe you’ll see.

letters to cleo on the ipod.

so, what’s new?

well, you may have recognized my title passage from Letters to Cleo – a band from my former home of boston.

i guess all that “auld lang sine” is making me get all wistful and nostalgic. i’ve spent a week enjoying the music of my 20’s on the bus, and reflecting.

i won’t bore you with my supposedly profound insights looking back on my youth through the weathered eyes of experience & age… but i will say, that it’s an interesting perspective to have.

if you plotted the points from when i left my little hometown so many moons ago, to where i’m sitting right now, it would look a bit more like pinball than a roadmap.

i’m not saying i’m a world traveller or some great, outgoing adventurous person. the pings and pongs are both outward and inward. they correlate with meeting people, or with revelations, or discoveries.

the synopsis: don’t wait. don’t wait until you’re 26 before you realize that if you turned left or right on your way home from work… there was more stuff out there.

posted in minutiae by mike, on January 1, 2005

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