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true love waits…

true love waits…
…in haunted attics.
and true love lives
on lolipops and crisps.

just don’t leave
…don’t leave.

radiohead on the iPod. it doesn’t get much better than that.

so, what’s new?

Midwest! Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria.


since last update, we took a bit of a vacation to Chicago and Milwaukee. much fun was had, i will detail the trip soon in the Sights & Travel section.

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria.

more recently, we took 5 days off around columbus day, to relax and enjoy both the holiday, and the fact that i can now no longer ‘accidentally’ say i’m 29. yep, i turned 31 recently. yow!

and this past weekend, we drove up to bellingham to go to boundary bay brewery & bistro and to the Re Store – Bellingham.

RE Store was interesting — they recycle pretty much every part of a house/church/school/etc. most things were a little too worn for our tastes. but their value is probably not being used for their originally designed purpose; it seems a lot of people go there to get raw materials for art projects & whatnot.

a few of the things that looks good enough to be incorporated as-is for their designed purpose, were some very interesting light fixtures, and some very nice looking doors. doors of all shapes & sizes. with lites, without. and a set of solid mahogany 4-panel doors. they probably weigh more than the wall they might be hung from.

Boundary Bay was great, as expected. i’ll begin with a comment on the direction of brewing around here. the pacific northwest is quite famous for hoppy beers, and a lot of breweries are trying to push the envelope of bitterness so far that it loses everything you drink beer for. i had an IPA a few weeks ago that literally made me cry. it was the beer-culinary equivalent of drinking buffalo wings. not good.

Boundary Bay’s IPA had an amazing bouquet of hops, then the flavor and spiciness seemed to effervesce on your tongue, then evaporate. mezmerizing, not overpowering. i cannot find words eloquent enough to describe drinking this beer. i only wish the brewery wasn’t 60 miles away. go there. drink some. take a nap. be happy.

i think i’ll end on that note.

posted in minutiae by mike, on October 18, 2004

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