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slow dancing on the boulevard…

slow dancing on the boulevard… the quiet moments while the city’s still dark.

matchbox twenty on the ipod.

since it’s been a month, you’d expect i should have a lot to say. let’s see how much i remember.

so, what’s going on?

a little driving, a little drinking, a little dally, a little rally.

a little driving.

we decided to celebrate this labor day by enjoying the fruits of the work put in by explorers, engineers and laborers. we drove through stevens pass out to leavenworth Washington via US-2.

yes, i know we’ve been to leavenworth a lot before. it’s a fun destination and an enjoyable drive, so why not, i say? don’t judge me! okay. anyway. drove to leavenworth.

we even documented the voyage with our new DV-cam for later production into a DVD that we hope to send to our families in lieu of us visiting for whatever holiday.

while there we had some fantastic pastry, our traditional gingerbread and our new tradition of stopping at home fires bakery to pick up some bread to bring home.

a little drinking

just a little. well, anyone who knows me, knows that i enjoy beer. good beer. fresh beer. local, micro, interesting beer.

this weekend was no different. friday, after arriving home early, we decided we should visit The Flying Pig during happy-hour. enjoyed their fine hefeweisen — it really is just about the best i’ve had of this style.

saturday, a trip up to our favorite fish store – conway tropical fish, and we decided to take a jaunt out to LaConner, WA to visit LaConner Brewing. enjoyed a few of their beers — but they were out of their Belgian Wit! darn it! (and yes, i know this falls under the “driving” category listed above, but this trip was more about the beer than the trip.)

stopped @ the haggen on the way home and picked up some interesting brews. always good to have good stock on hand at home.

i think that’s the extent of the beer tourism this weekend.

a little dally

after an extreme productivity session on sunday, which resulted in cleaning most of the utility areas of the apartment from top to bottom, we decided to just hang out for the rest of the day.

a little rally.

no, not referring to the flurry of energy as mentioned above, a little rally is in reference to the FIA World Rally Championship. This year brings 2 new races to the WRC, and this weekend was the premiere of the World Rally Japan. very cool. (and we enjoyed some of the aforementioned brews during the race).

i think that covers the weekend. a good time was had by all, and i didn’t think of work. not once. success!

posted in minutiae by mike, on September 6, 2004

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