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won't it be dull…

won’t it be dull, when we rid ourselves
of all these demons haunting us,
to keep us company?

won’t it be odd to be happy like we
always thought we’re s’posed to feel,
but never seem to be?

the BareNaked Ladies on the iPod.

so, what’s new?

Cats, Cats, and Cats!

no, i’m not talking about the legitimate the-atre, i’m speaking of the actual feisty felines.

our boys have been a handful, given that mr. the ted is sick (and currently confined to our half-painted bathroom). i much prefer him in the bathroom, given that big-sized cats make big-sized messes when they are sick. but he’s okay, he has his brother for company at night.

in addition, the three foster kittens are a nutty-koo-koo buncha nutballs (and they’re also sick… ugh). why do all the kitten diseases have to make them horribly stinky & dirty? why can’t it make them … melancholy? would that be so wrong?

well, i guess it might inspire them to wear black turtlenecks and smoke imported cigarettes. and secretly plot to overthrow the bourgeois government! viva la revolucion! (okay, on second thought, we’ll just change their litterbox more often.)

and the latest addition is a pregnant mommy cat who is now occupying our intact & usable bathroom. she may or may not have her kittens whilst still in our care (although if you ask carrie, she’s leaning towards “may” and not “may not”).

so that’s all the news, really. house full of cats. i got to wake up to yowling at 5:30am as one of the boys apparently grew tired of being confined in the bathroom. was he bored? was he lonely? should we get a closed-circuit TV linkup or something, so he can see us sleeping? that wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t be able to walk all over us then, to let us know he was hungry.

posted in minutiae by mike, on August 6, 2004

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