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i found a reason for me …

… to change who i used to be …

hoobastank on the ipod.

as much as the poppy-punk ballads are a hit with the kids, the grammar and/or logic is atrocious. how do you change who you used to be, exactly? do you have a time machine?

everybody knows that if you have a time machine you should go back and give yourself information that helps you win bets in the future.

an even bigger question than how you change who you used to be is: why would you? who you used to be isn’t who you are anymore. the past is the past, try changing who you currently ARE or who you WILL BE SOMEDAY, perhaps.

*shrug* kids these days, don’t even know how to effectively use a time machine. you think they would have learned (from themselves, from the future, maybe). oh well.

anyhow, what’s new? well…

kittens, autocross and thunder, oh my!


our current batch of foster kittens went in to get fixed this past weekend. 5 little girl kitties are now never going to be mommas (and will never make more kittens for us to have to take care of at the shelter…).

the vet did an amazing job, tiny incisions and they were up and chasing each other around within hours of their return home. if nobody gets infected or anything we can expect them to go up for adoption next weekend!


on sunday i went to watch some autocross competition at boeing’s everett facility parking lot.

the event was put on by the Western Washington Sports Car Club (wwscc) and it seems a good time was had by all. i only got to see part of the action, but it definitely made me want to go to more events in the future.


it was another wacky weather weekend (wkywthrwknd) here in the pacific northwest, or more locally, north of seattle. saturday’s meteorological festivities ranged from mostly cloudy to bright sunshine to ominous cloudbanks to pouring rain.

the highlight was a thunderclap that went on and on … for 10-15 seconds, at least. it was almost the most bizarre weather experience i ever had, second only to being caught in a hailstorm while traversing the state of wisconsin. but that’s a story for another time …

i think that’s it for today.

posted in minutiae by mike, on July 12, 2004

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