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Vancouver, BC

an afternoon north of the border.

a daytrip to Vancouver, B.C. on the second leg of our “thank goodness mike didn’t have to work” weekend, we drove up to Vancouver. we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time to spend there, but this was impacted even more by an accident that closed down I-5 northbound (although we did
enjoy the twisty/rocky SR 11 ride into bellingham to avoid the congestion on the interstate).

in Vancouver, we ate brunch at the elbow room cafe. a restaurant famous for it’s lively atmosphere, large portions, and abusive staff. and when they say ‘abuse’ they mean ‘abuse.’ i don’t blush very often, but i did several times on sunday. leave your thin skin at home. thankfully, the abuse was served up with a delicious pancake the size of a frisbeeĀ® flying disc.

these pictures were taken from Vanier Park/Hadden Park in Vancouver, B.C. (near the space museum) on July 6th, 2003.

the big metal crab is the fountain in front of the space museum. there are extremely high pressure jets of water that spray up and deflect from parts of the crab and make a somewhat frightening amount of noise.

basic skyline shot of vancouver

good kite flying park, winds off the ocean

more skyline & kites

an interesting old boat

trying to use the zoom lens to figure out
what that big floating thing was

more kites & skyline

trying something artsy with the sculpture & mountain

more skyline…

and more …

and more …

and yet even more …

someday when i have free time …

i will stitch together this panorama…

unless the big metal crab gets me first!
posted in travel by mike, on July 6, 2003

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