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yes, it’s st. patrick’s day. not that it affects my work or home life, but i’m part irish so i feel compelled to recognize.

since i don’t post nearly often enough, this is simply a catch-up with what’s going on. i’ll try to keep it lively.

edgar” is progressing nicely. we’re due in mid-August. carrie is feeling movement now (apparently he sleeps in until around 10.)

i’ve taken a bit of time after my last big web project to get my freelance/business site to a place where i like it. i’ve done some clever things, and written articles about them, which has gotten me reviewed and linked. getting attention from my peers is pretty cool – now i need attention from potential clients!

i’m at a point where i need to significantly grow my freelancing, or go back to full time work. we can’t have little edgar running around barefoot (too many rocks in the yard.) so, if you know people needing websites, point them my way. much appreciated.

the snow is finally receding. we can see almost all of the lawn! however, since i have been piling snow from the driveway exclusively on the  southeast side (to avoid drifting from the NW winds) i believe that one snowbank will remain until independence day, at least.

sunny weather and warm temperatures have let me get out into the garage and do some staining and finishing work on our unfinished furniture (purchased in December). i surprised carrie one day last week when she came home to bedside tables! yes, we’re almost out of the living-like-college-students stage.

i think i’ve covered most everything. now i need to go work on more inside projects. the nice weather outside is reminding me that outside projects are just around the corner!

posted in minutiae by mike, on March 17, 2009

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