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office project begins

picture of the office

it begins again. it seems every late january/early february, we’re hanging drywall.

last year it was our bedroom project which went quite well. only too slowly, as we chose to strip off the horrible old felt paper & wallpaper before applying drywall to the plank walls.

this time, we’re leaving said wall coverings in place and drywalling over them. weird, yes. but – we’ve already got 4 sheets up, and we should be ready to mud by the end of the weekend.

the bedroom, we didn’t finish until st patricks day or so. this one, we’re aiming to be complete on presidents day.

the wood (superficial wainscoting applied over the wallpaper layer) looks nice in the picture, but it’s actually very rough, and it… smells. like that old house smell times ten. when we tore it down, it actually got better because then we were smelling the nice, unfinished wood on the back.

more info and pictures as the project progresses. the plan:

  • finish drywall
  • tape & mud
  • crown moulding
  • prime & paint
  • floating floor – laminate
  • new thermostat & baseboard heater

posted in house by mike, on February 2, 2006

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